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2-Valve Forged Alumimum Manifolds

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Products Description:

Forged aluminum alloy body makes this unit lightweight for handling ease with the durability and

reliability required for repeated use.1% accuracy (Class 1) gauges

Front access for easy field recalibration

Double “O” ring piston for reliability and long service life

Exclusive 100 mesh filter in-line on all flare fittings helps keep out particulate material and extend the

life of the seats Contoured easy-grip handles for positive control; color-coded for ready identification

Sight glass to easily view refrigerant movement and condition during charging and recovery

Heavy duty hook won’t pull out

Manifold and hose holder fittings all 1/4″ unless otherwise identified


Technical Data :


MODEL length Working Pressure/Burst Connection designed for
AT-F2M36RYB 36" 500-2500 1/4"*1/4" R-22/134a/404A
AT-F2M60RYB 60" 500-2500 1/4"*1/4" R-22/134a/404A
AT-F2M72RYB 72' 500-2500 1/4"*1/4" R-22/134a/404A
AT-F2M36RYB-S 36" 600-3000 1/4"*1/4" R22/134/410A
AT-F2M60RYB-S 60" 600-3000 1/4"*1/4" R22/134/410A
AT-F2M72RYB-S 72' 600-3000 1/4"*1/4" R22/134/410A
AT-F2M36RYB-H 36" 800-4000 yellow 1/4"*1/4"
blue red1/4"*5/16"
AT-F2M60RYB-H 60" 800-4000 yellow 1/4"*1/4"
blue red1/4"*5/16"
AT-F2M72RYB-H 72' 800-4000 yellow 1/4"*1/4
blue red 1/4"*5/16"

Floowing refrigerant all are available:

R-12/22/502 R-134a/404A/407C R-22 R22/134/410A R-32/410A
R-12/22/134a R-134a/404A/407F R-22/407A/407C R-22/134a/404A R-410A
R-1234yf R-134a/404A/507 R-22/407A/410A R-22/404A/410A R-417A/422A/422D
      R-22/410A R-600


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2-Valve Forged Alumimum Manifolds