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4-Valve Forged Alumimum Manifolds

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Products Description:

Forged aluminum alloy body makes this unit lightweight for handling ease with

the durability and reliability required for repeated use.1% accuracy (Class 1) gauges

Front access for easy field recalibration

Double “O” ring piston for reliability and long service life

Fourth hose to enable connection to hi-/lo-sides, refrigerant tank and recovery unit or vacuum pump for

diagnostics, evacuation and charging without switching hoses 3/8″ Vacuum port for use with larger hose

to cut evacuation time by up to 33% (all other fittings are 1/4″) Large, easy-to-read 3-1/8″ (90 mm) steel

case red and blue, 1% accuracy (Class 1) gauges

Front access for easy field recalibration Double “O” ring piston for reliability and long service life

Exclusive 100 mesh filter in-line on all flare fittings helps keep out particulate material and extend the life of the seats

Contoured easy-grip handles for positive control; color-coded for ready identification

Sight glass to easily view refrigerant movement and condition during charging and recovery

Optional protective gauge boots available Heavy duty hook won’t pull out

Also available with 3-1/2″ (80 mm) red and blue liquid-filled gauges

Manifold and hose holder fittings 1/4″-3/8″-1/4″-1/4″ unless otherwise identified


Technical Data :


MODEL length Working Pressure/Burst (psi) Connection designed for refrigerant
AT-F4M36RYB 36" 500-2500 1/4"*1/4" R-22/134a/404A
AT-F4M60RYB 60" 500-2500 1/4"*1/4" R-22/134a/404A
AT-F4M72RYB 72' 500-2500 1/4"*1/4" R-22/134a/404A
AT-F4M36RYB-S 36" 600-3000 1/4"*1/4" R22/134/410A
AT-F4M60RYB-S 60" 600-3000 1/4"*1/4" R22/134/410A
AT-F4M72RYB-S 72' 600-3000 1/4"*1/4" R22/134/410A
AT-F4M36RYB-H 36" 800-4000 yellow 1/4"*1/4"
blue red1/4"*5/16"
AT-F4M60RYB-H 60" 800-4000 yellow 1/4"*1/4"
blue red1/4"*5/16"
AT-F4M72RYB-H 72' 800-4000 yellow 1/4"*1/4
blue red 1/4"*5/16"

 Floowing refrigerant all are available:

R-12/22/502 R-134a/404A/407C R-22 R22/134/410A R-32/410A
R-12/22/134a R-134a/404A/407F R-22/407A/407C R-22/134a/404A R-410A
R-1234yf R-134a/404A/507 R-22/407A/410A R-22/404A/410A R-417A/422A/422D
      R-22/410A R-600


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4-Valve Forged Alumimum Manifolds