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A420 Axial Fans

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Products Description:

1. The Fan Blade is designed with advanced aerodynamics, which makes the fan artistic and efficient; the Fan rotor

adopts double-sided dynamic balance. The dynamic balance achieves G6.3

2. The fan blade, rotor and grid are all powder sprayed. The surface is bright, artistic and corrosion-resistant.

The cover of the motor is also specially handled, which protects it from being oxidized and discolored.

3. The normal ambient temperature for the fan is:-25°C ~ +60°C. If the operating temperature exceeds this

range, we can customize per customer' s requirements.

4. Currently, the insulation class we supply is B and F, and the protection class is IP54. The operating

temperature is: -40°C ~ +60°C and -25°C ~+80°C. The motor can be equipped with thermal overload protector.

We have launched axial fans with IP56 recently, whose structure was authorized the national patent. The new

structure makes the fan applicable to humid and poor working conditions.

5. We have two kinds of fan motors: single phase and three phase fan motor. For Single- phase fan motor,

220V/50Hz and 220V/60Hz are applicable. For three-phase fan motor, 380V/50Hz and 380V/60Hz are

applicable. Moreover, we can supply motors with special requirements, such as special voltage, dual voltage, etc.

6. The wire of the fan can be directly leaded out. We can also provide various kinds of water-proof connection

box for customer's selection.



Technical Data :

Model Curve NO. Voltage Frequency Current Power Input Speed Noise Capacitor Air Volume Max.static
  # V Hz A W RPM dB(A) μF m³/h Pa Kg
A4D-420S(B)-E5L 380 50 0.55 210 1350 68 / 4290 110 5.4
A6D-420S(B)-E5L 380 50 0.3 135 950 58 / 2900 65 5.4


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