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BLR/OPG Oil Pressure Gauge

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General Description:

◆The pressure gauge is avibration-proof pressure gauge with oil filled Inside for refrigeration use only.

◆The oil-fliled pressure gauge is used on freezer, cold store and air-conditioning unit.

◆The oil-filled pressure gauge is convenient In application as it features one gauge for multiple refrigerants.

◆The oil-filled pressure gauge has full stainless steel casing and wider beryllium bonze spring tube.

◆The oil-filled pressure gauge is an axial pressure gauge with edges for flange joint.


Features :

◆ The inside filled oil functions damping to the high trequency vibration of machinery.
◆ The damping oil cup prevents gauge pointer from jumping.
◆The flanged edge is for convenient mounting.
◆Over-pressure limit stop is equipped.
◆Zero error is ensured with strengthening overpressure measures.
◆ Rational oil seal design and no oil leakage worry.
◆ Pressure versus Temperature readings for easy use.
◆ Extra long service life.



Technical Data :


Applicable Refrigerant HCFC and HFC
Applicable Medium Temperature -15 to +120℃
Connection Size 1/4 SAE
Structure Axial concentrically-embeddecl
Casing Nominal Diameter 2.5 in ( Φ63.5 )
Accuracy Class Class 1.6(1.6级)


Model Connection Size   Body Casing Diameter Refrigerant
O BLR/OPG-63 O 1/8"NPT   O 63mm R22
O BLR/OPG-60  O 1/4" SAE   O60mm R4404
Connection Direction Working Pressure   Flange Style R134a
O Radial Direction O 0-~00 P si   O Front Flange Edge R410
O Axial Direction O -30~250P si   O Back Flange Edge  
              O Without Flange    






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